This blog is intended to take you along a journey with me (Meredith) and my husband (Tim) as we take steps toward the unknown. We have both been interested in traveling the world for some time, but realize it is a very elusive concept that many people who you and I know rarely accomplish. We are young newlyweds who did not want to get complacent with our present surroundings before we had the opportunity to explore the idea of travel and all it could offer to us.

You may notice a theme throughout the blog that highlights the evolution in our cultural understanding of what the “American Dream” is now compared to our past and looking into the future. What young Americans want is rapidly becoming diverse and individual. Although, a majority of our peers are still buying property, making a good living and supporting their children, they seem to have an underlying sense of adventure. They still salivate at the idea of traveling the world, even if they are not sure what that actually means or what it looks like.

Our intent is to find out. We are beginning what we hope to be a life-long adventure together, as we become sailors. Yes, we have opted to move in the path of least resistance and begin our travel on the Pacific side of Mexico living aboard a sailboat without prior experience, but with a lot of heart and passion.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow I am really impressed with your courage and conviction. I hope you have the time of your life. Stay safe and happy. xxoo Cindy Fox

  2. Wow!! I have longed for the same dream to go on an sailing adventure and I keep watching the time slip past but the dream stays contestant. Yes have the house and all the land loving bills to go along with it.. Hoping to somehow figure out how to keep the house and also follow the dream. Look for word to your blogs as you follow your adventure. Good luck and Happy Sailing.

    1. Thanks so much for the support! Don’t worry to much about pulling all the loose ends together and just get out there. Everything will kind of fall into place easier than you think. Good luck and thanks again.

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