Vocab Quiz

You might remember those from high school or college, right? Well, I’m back in school, except this time it is for survival. I learn more when I write things down, so I am making flash cards with all the boating terms in alphabetical order. Seems like quite the undertaking, except that I found an awesome site — www.flashcardmachine.com. I actually took a break from transcribing terms to blog, and I am only in the Bs. Long night ahead. I will take some joy, however, in quizzing my husband with these terms when I am done writing them down because I am a nerd at heart.

In other news, we booked a one-way flight to Cabo San Lucas next Saturday! I’m so ready to just get rolling with everything. We, or maybe just I, have been stressing about all the possible ways to get down there and the best way to see boats in both marinas — La Paz and San Carlos — which are on opposite sides of the Sea of Cortez (aka the Gulf of California) where our journey will begin. We have been talking through all the possibilities, but here is what we have decided:

Fly from DFW to Cabo landing at 11:35 a.m. and rent a car. Drive 3 hours to the La Paz marina where our broker, Mike, has set up reservations for us at a lovely B&B. Although, I’m wondering about that because he said it does not serve breakfast, so really it is just a house we will be sharing with other people – oh well. We will look at a handful of boats we have preselected from mazmarine.com and hopefully enjoy the beach a little. Then, we will hop on a puddle-jumper airplane that will take us to San Carlos. We are told it is easy to make reservations on this flight and the prices are always the same. Once in San Carlos, we will see what boats they have there. I am really thinking our boat will be in San Carlos based on what we have looked at and our budget. Hopefully we will make a decision at that point on which one to buy, then we can catch a bus back to Tucson (really cheap) and fly home from there. We are planning to return being sail boat owners, and then all we have to do is learn how to sail it! haha!

We are making strides in that department as well, though. Remember Steve and Sherie? Well, they have had some family emergencies this summer and have not been able to take us out sailing since that day. Sherie, being very thoughtful, set us up with her boat slip neighbors James and Debbie. They race their boat regularly and were pleased to invite us aboard! So, we get to help them race across Joe Pool Lake and back. Hence, the vocabulary! I don’t want to be on the lake racing and have no clue what James is telling me to do.

2 thoughts on “Vocab Quiz

  1. Tim and Meredith,
    Good luck looking for your new home! We hope you find the boat you’ve been dreaming of. We think you should call it ‘Cricketer’s’ after our hot spot at Sandals Antigua 🙂

    1. Haha! That’s a good idea. We are so looking forward to finally seeing these boats in person – maybe we can really start imagining our life on one of them. Thanks for the support!

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