We are Here

We took two planes to Cabo, rented a car, drove to La Paz (about 2 hours away) and have arrived at our hotel – the Casa Buena Bed and Breakfast. It was a beautiful drive until we got into town. We circled and circled, but had the hardest time finding the B&B. We finally ate lunch/dinner at 4:30 p.m. and have to lay down. It is so awesome to be experiencing a different culture fully, but it can be such a challenge to be a foreigner. It is off season right now, so it is really muggy, although everyone still seems to be outside all the time. Tomorrow we will relax a bit, take in some sites and the pool – seems like everyone relaxes on Sunday – then Monday we will start to look at boats! We already met Mike, our broker. He explained a few things about the process, but to be honest, he was losing me a bit because I was so tired and hungry. We can tell he is full of helpful info and ready to help us out with this whole process. We also chatted for a while with the owner of Casa Buena, Milton. He is quite a character, and definitely been around on his sailboat. Here are some pics that we took today. Lots more to come!

Last row of the plane, but excited to go!
Los Cabos Airport
At our hotel Casa Buena
An Authentic Mexican Restaurant

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  1. Mere….your hair looks awesome. Sassy and chic…xo

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