To Do Lists

I often start my day or my week with a very detailed to do list to keep myself organized and focused on my tasks and goals at hand. With this new adventure, I don’t even know where to begin. I will make a list and then add to it and then re-categorize the items on it, all the while it seems like very little of the items are getting done and new items are being added. Talk about overwhelmed. We just stop, take a deep breath and remind ourselves why we are enduring this bit of stress now. For the chance of escaping the stress of a lifetime. For slowing down our internal clock. For learning new skills that can take us wherever we want to go.

My lists include how to wrap up our lives here, what gear to buy for safety, lifestyle gear like clothing and snorkels and stuff just for fun. We are packing up enough of our stuff to live in an apartment or small house when we get back — putting it all in a climate controlled storage unit. The rest of the stuff we are selling. Then there is all the services we have to cut off, too: phones, tv, Internet etc. Takes up a lot of time waiting on hold.

From there we will be more free, but we certainly have a growing list of items to pick up before we go back to Mexico. This becomes increasingly difficult when you still have to research what it is you are adding to the list, the best type and the best price for each item. So we have our work cut out for us!

Just to give you an idea, here is some of the items:
small metric voltage meter
Honda 2000 generator
Oil change pump
Charts for Mexico
Cruising guide
Bosuns chair – to climb the mast
Battery switch
Watertight toolbox
Waterproof camera
EPIRB locator

I realize you may not care about the items listed here, but I just wanted to show you a snapshot of my brain. Haha! Either way, we are getting into cram time and are really have to begin to chip away at this stuff.

We went to West Marine today and looked at all the items they carry and the prices, specifically on things that we know we already have on our boat and things we need long term. It really brought in perspective how much money we saved by buying a very equipped boat.

We bought a few things and left feeling a little better for now.

2 thoughts on “To Do Lists

  1. Now you see the benefits of the outfitted vessel vs a stripped one. You probably would of spent another $15,000 easily if she wasnt as outfitted as she is.

  2. So it turns out there is even more on board than we thought. Ann and Doug – who owned the boat before us – took a few items off our list because they already have them. Big thanks to them!

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