Not Exactly Sailing

Well we are working our way slowly but surely down the Baja. We have had ZERO wind, so we are motoring the whole way. This is much less fun than actually sailing, but it is real world. Gary said we will spend like 50% of the time motoring and 50% sailing. We have learned a lot of other things about life aboard, though. Really, the sailing part is the easy part. It is re-learning how to use the bathroom, how to cook, how to monitor your engine, etc. There is SO much to learn.

We are also learning how to explore these anchorages we are stopping at. Those are really the best part. When we arrive we anchor, which has been a real pain so far. It shouldn’t be, but our anchor chain is very rusty and the locker seems too small for the chain, so it has proved a bit challenging. We have plans to change it so that it will be more efficient. Right now we would have a very hard time anchoring without Gary onboard, but unfortunately we can’t keep him.


In our "new car" aka the dinghy


The anchorages have been pretty amazing. We just tuck in somewhere you wouldn’t even know existed, and go exploring. The water has been clear down a good 30 – 40 feet. We did a bit of snorkeling in San Everisto and Calita Partida on a little island across from La Paz. We decided to swim across to the shore today… turned out to be a little longer than re really wanted to swim back. We made it all the way to shore and walked about a mile around the anchorage just looking at crabs and birds and all the critters that the ocean has to offer. It was really nice to get a little alone time with Tim, too. We have been so busy learning and soaking up all the things Gary has to tell us, we really haven’t just enjoyed each other too much. Until today, which was very nice.


Exploring Calida Partida


We finally got so thirsty we decided to turn around because we knew we still had quite a swim ahead of us. We walked all the way back to our point of entry and began walking into the water. Right as we got to where we had to start swimming I noticed a young guy in his nice motor dinghy heading our direction. I was secretly hoping he was coming to get us so I didn’t have to swim all that way again, only this time against the wind. Low and behold, he did! He was heading to us thinking we wouldn’t want to swim that, and he was so right. Raul was a crewmember on the boat next store and we were so grateful for him sweeping in to get us. He dropped us off and said he would be right back with some more fish. Turns out he had caught a bunch of fish he had cooked and they had to much, so he brought over three delicious grilled fish and a wonderful prepared salad. It was one of those perfectly timed gifts of a dinghy ride and dinner. Two things we needed right then. Thank you Raul.

Tomorrow we will arrive in La Paz. That means the real work begins: paperwork for our vessel, connect online and pay some bills, get back to work designing and, of course, all the repairs on the boat. Looks like we will be camping in La Paz a little while until we can get our act together.

3 thoughts on “Not Exactly Sailing

  1. We love reaidng your posts and are enjoying the photos. I learned a little about sailing when I lived in Austin and wondered what it would be like to set sail across the sea like you two are doing. I’m glad I get to live vicariously through you, especially since Tom has no interest in boats. Now I’m learning about cars. Lots to learn there too. Keep posting and sending the photos. They are beautiful. Enjoy and take care – Tom & Carla

    1. Carla, Thank you so much for reading! I’m really glad you are able to enjoy it with us. It is definitely a different life than back home. But we are learning a lot and adjusting as we go. We are happy to be in La Paz and Looking forward to getting everything in “ship shape.” I am happy to hear that you newlyweds are doing great. Tell Tom hello for us.

  2. Looks like you sailors are enjoying your beginnings as vagabonds. Stay safe and keep the pictures coming 🙂

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