A Quick One

We have been so busy working on the boat for the last week or so. Tim replaced our toilet – love the new one, I polished all the stainless steel on the outside of the boat and we cleaned a bunch. We had a longer list of things that we wanted to complete, but we put that stuff on hold for Tim’s parents visit.

We are so excited they are here! We drove 2.5 hours down to the Cabo airport to pick them up and drop off some friends off from the boat Matilda. It’s great to see some family and Get some girl chat in. I forgot how fun that is. So it seems Debbie and Steve are up for anything and excited to see what we have been up to. I am taking her to the local produce market this morning before we head out to the islands. I’ll post pics and more about their visit when we get back!

1 thought on “A Quick One

  1. Can’t wait to see pics of the time you spend with them! Can’t wait to see you guys in 2 weeks!!! Have fun

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