Grand Tetons

Variety is the spice of life, but sometimes you travel the same place twice.

My family loves Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Lake Lodge.  We visited there in 2007 and had our first encounters with elk, moose and bison, as well as drank in the lodge view daily with awe.  It is still just as majestic a view, even if we are much more familiar with wildlife now.  We had to visit one more time and really soak it all in.

Our trip was full of watching mountain sunsets, searching for wildlife, river rafting and hiking.

Dinner view
The view from dinner at the lodge.
Grand Teton Dusk
Dusk with the view of the Grand Teton Mountains from our lodge.
Radting Trip
Julie and Lydia rafting on the Snake River.
Bald Eagles
There were tons of Bald Eagles we saw rafting along the Snake River.
Snake River Rafting
Rafting down the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park.
Rafting Group
Part of our group, Julie, Caleb, Lydia and Greg, rafting down the Snake River.
Snake River Rafting
Rafting on the Snake River.
Above the Snake River
After white water rafting, we climbed up to this view.
After Rafting
My sister and me after rafting. We were on the front of the raft, so we got soaked.
Yellowstone Pool
A beautiful steaming pool at Yellowstone National Park.
Grand Teton Sunset
Sunset view of the Grand Tetons from our lodge.
Mountain Sunset
Another view of the same sunset.
Lake Hike
Hiking near Jackson Lake with an amazing mountain view.
Ma and Lydia
Me and Lydia on a hike near Jackson Lake.
Niece and Nephew
My niece and nephew, Lydia and Caleb, enjoying the lily pad lake view.
Mountain Majesty
Sitting on a Log
We stopped for a picnic, Caleb sat next to me.
Swan Lake
Picnic view of Swan Lake
My mom and niece enjoying the hike.
Hiking Path
Beautiful hiking path.
Mountain Layers
The mountains changed on the drive home in Wyoming.

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