To Leap or Not To Leap

As a successful real estate agent and team leader, I am asked by people all over the country if they should and how to get into real estate. This is a doozy. It can be answered very long-windily in a phone call with me… or very simply by saying being a real estate agent is running your own business. Particularly in the beautiful state of Colorado where we are all 1099 subcontractors; hence, we are all entrepreneurs building businesses inside of businesses.

As you leap into becoming an entrepreneur, think to yourself, “Do I want to start my own business and build something awesome where the focus is helping people?” If the answer to that question is resoundingly “Yes,” then you should to dive in and do what it takes to blow the socks off your customers. Then they will tell their friends, coworkers, dogs and keep coming back for more. Yes, there is a lot more to it than that, but it boils down to leaping in head first and deciding NO MATTER WHAT, I am going to be successful.

Building a company is no small feat, but if you ask me or any of the business owners I know, it is a worthwhile venture. You can sink your teeth in, work your butt off and look back at what you built in just a few short years. You do have to be completely in it whole heartedly and accept that there may be gaps in pay along the way before you really make it. If you are more risk averse, then save up some moola before you dive in. If you are like us, spend almost everything you have while living aboard a sailboat so you no longer have a choice if you are going to make it or not. Either way, leap in and say “Geronimooo!” as it is a commitment that I highly recommend and enjoy.

P.S. One thing worth noting here: Building a business with a new baby is a double doozy. It is A LOT of hard work and commitment. Do not take that lightly and remember that time is more precious than anything particularly with your little.

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