Try Something New

My sister and I attended Liz Gilbert speaking at the Paramount Theater in Denver last week. She was fantastic, and I highly recommend seeing her and reading her many books. She mentioned something in her talk about her journaling practice where she says “God, What would you have me know today?” and then she intuitively writes what she gets as a response. As an avid journal writer, I had to try it out. So this morning after feeding the girls breakfast, packing lunches, securing socks and shoes on both and sending them off to school with Dad, I sat down for a few minutes before I got ready for my morning meetings and said, “God, what would you have me know today?”

This was important because I have been in a funk for the last week or so. I was pretty grumpy. I had lots of reasons I could have been grumpy: kids childcare schedules all over the place due to different sicknesses, not working out, hormones, no alone time… the list goes on. Anyway, I was taking a mini vacation from my positive attitude. Don’t ask why I would need a vacation from positivity, I really don’t know. I would think vibrating at a higher energy would bring to you more energy. Either way, I was having a week off to sleep in after the sunrise, drink in the evenings and complain – all things I normally do not allow. This morning I knew this mini vacation was over, and this intuitive journaling exercise confirmed it. This was my response:

“Dear one,

Keep working. Your gifts are around the corner. All your energy and effort will come to beautiful fruition and be worth it for you. We know you are tired and working hard. You can relax into each moment more and being present will alleviate much of the stress you feel. Your work will pay off. Stick with what you are doing because you love it, and you are helping people. Fall in love with you and life again. That is a beautiful state to live in. You can choose heaven or hell in each moment. Be careful in your choice.”

I leave that with you just in case you needed to hear it today too. Be careful in your choice in each moment. Life is a Gift. I hope you try this journaling tactic and tell me about it!

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