Happy Anniversary, I think

One of the questions I get most often about life on a boat is, “How can you stand each other that often in such a small space?” The answer is, we don’t.

We get fed up with one another and argue over stupid things. We even storm off and go outside to the cockpit. I think this behavior, although not preferred, is common among the first year of marriage as you both find your places in the relationship and your roles as husband and wife. I also think that our situation of spending nearly 24-hours a day together and overcoming new and constant challenges compounds this process a little bit. I like to think we are learning so much about each other that we are like a couple who has been married more than one year… maybe three. We have amazing days often, but I wanted to point out that we are still learning so much about sailing, living aboard and each other, that we often find ourselves stressed.

It is hard to believe one year has gone by since our wedding, but then I sit back and look at all the things that we have done and what has changed since then, and I am amazed. It makes me think that Tim and I can accomplish anything we set out to do. We will be able to take on the whole world, and fully intend to. Not necessarily in our boat, but certainly in some fashion.

Right now we have found ourselves in Marina de La Paz working on what we thought would be a few quick projects before we headed north into the sea. We have made good progress over the last few days polishing the stainless steel, replacing a faulty fuel injector, repairing our dinghy outboard motor and giving everything a good wash down. We also discovered a leak in our starboard fresh water tank and bought a new dinghy. Trade the good with the bad.

We don’t know how much longer this will keep us here in La Paz, so I am beginning to wonder if we will ever go north this year. Perhaps traveling north will have to wait until next season. This is so common among sailors here. Many people come to La Paz with intentions to only stay one or two months and soon they have spent a year here.

I am not really complaining about being in La Paz; it is comfortable and easy and beautiful, but it was not the intention to move to La Paz. The weather has warmed up quite a bit here in the past couple weeks to hit 90. It is nice to wear vacation clothes, but it does get hot working on the boat in the marina. I have tried to set a deadline for leaving La Paz – April 8 – my birthday and Easter this year. I have no idea if this will actually happen, but a girl can dream.

In the mean time we have been really enjoying our friends here while we can. Our friends from Texas came to visit – Torie and Andrew. We took them to the islands and showed them everything we could. We had one pretty bad rolling night, but otherwise it was very enjoyable. We have been soaking up our La Paz friends, too. Everyone has their plans and deadlines to leave, but we all still find ourselves here in sunny La Paz.

For our first anniversary Tim and I celebrated by having a delicious breakfast out in town where we discovered the best jam ever. It is papaya and pineapple and we bought a large amount to-go. We had an argument in the afternoon over something silly and made up in the evening. We took our dessert wine from Napa Valley that we have been saving for more than a year to the beach and had a glass while we looked at the stars. It was perfect – not story book perfect, but real life perfect.

Jasna selling goods at the swap meet in La Paz. The boaters organize a swap meet once a month.
Torie and Andrew checking out the view from the bow.
Torie and Me doing a little sunbathing in Caleta Partida.
One of the best sunsets yet.
Out with Rick and Jasna.
We had an anniversary breakfast where we discover the best jam ever.
Tim opening our wine with the help of his trusty headlamp.
Delicious wine on the beach
Happy Anniversary ; )
Me polishing all the stainless steel.


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, I think

  1. Happy anniversary to you both:) BTW…after many, many years of marriage I can assure you that you don’t need a boat to get on each other’s nerves! It’s natural and helps you grow…but, I think you guys are figuring that out on your own without the help of old-timers. You both have the right attitude and that is what really matters in a marriage. Enjoy Easter weekend and the significance of the day. Keep up your posts and pics; we enjoy them over here on the dry side. Cheers, Brad

  2. Happy Anniversary you two, so happy you guys are enjoying it with the beauty of the ocean! Glad you guys are doing well even in close quarters=). A little update on our end we are headed to Florida April 8th to spend a week on the beach, Nic is excited to be in his home state for a short minute=) Our plans for the future are slow but I think will be moving along much quicker in the next few months…we have a plan. Anyway can’t wait to see you again, be safe have fun and enjoy the journey!!! Much love

    1. We have so much to talk about! I hope you guys had fun in Florida ; ) We have made a contact for you that we think might be helpful depending on your plans. more to come! Love you guys!

  3. Happy Anniversary fellow March 26th-ers! Dan and I had a low key 1year anniversary too…celebrating friends of ours at their wedding shower 🙂 I also agree that the first year of marriage is a learning experience. I think Dan and I learned more about each other in the past year than the four years we were together before that, haha. Keep enjoying the freedom you have on the water, this is a once in a lifetime experience!!
    Happy Anniv! Michelle&Dan

    1. Thanks so much!! Happy anniversary (a little late).

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