Happy Journaling

Good news! I have been really good at just being the past couple of weeks and doing less. I cheated a little because we escaped to Santa Barbara and had a lovely time. We are back home, and I am trying to stick with a slower pace. Reading, meditating, just hanging out with Ava. I have been able to be much more comfortable in my own skin.

Last week several people commented to me about journaling since my last blog since I mentioned having journaled since I was 13. Lots of “how do you do it?” and “what’s your method for staying on top of it?”

I used to have a bunch of rules around how much and often I wrote. What I was allowed to record in there had to be very detailed and specific. I have since let it go and just write whatever I feel, need to process, notes from classes or books or podcasts. Really it has become a collection of thoughts and reference materials for my life. I find great reprieve in processing my life through writing. It helps me reflect on who I am and what I am doing.

It’s been years, as I mentioned, so I’ve gotten into the habit of writing. There are lots of really cool journals with prompts out there now. If you are not sure how to begin or what you would write about, I highly recommend them. It may get you in the flow and figure out how to start the process. I also like the idea of committing to yourself to write in a new journal 3 times a week. This way you will get in a habit of writing and once you have the habit, you can be more flexible with yourself about when you want to write.

The other thing to mention is that it is key to find a book you like to write in. I recently made my own journal, so it was fun to pick out all the custom details. If you like the book and make it a treat for yourself to write in it, you are more likely to stick with it. Happy Journaling!

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