Travel Stress vs. Rejuvenation

We have just arrived home from a family trip to Glacier National Park. It is one of the most stunningly beautiful places I have ever been. Jaw dropping in fact.

There is nothing quite like a trip with your entire family and dramatic mountain landscapes to put everything squarely into perspective. I tend to get pretty stressed about travel now that we are doing it with a little one. In my personal vision of me and Tim, I have always described us as adventurous and willing to try most things. And why wouldn’t I… we lived on a boat in Mexico for heaven’s sake. Anyway, this image I have is challenged by having Ava.

What is an appropriate balance between adventurous and reckless when it comes to having a kiddo? I want to instill a sense of exploration in her, but not get caught somewhere without enough of what she needs. I found myself constantly planning the day out, packing bags and repacking when the plans changed slightly. Then I was getting wrapped up in the stress and pressure of her care and struggling to enjoy anything. Whoosh!!

Ava and Me hiking

My mom to the rescue! Thankfully she was also on the trip and offered a nice afternoon of hiking without Ava. It completely changed my attitude and gave me a chance to regroup around what is important. I appreciate my time with Ava and my time away from her. It makes me a better mom and human to have some restorative time.

The vacation was amazing and a good opportunity to just love what nature has to offer us. It was a good reminder of the world’s vastness and how small our problems may be. I am listening to a good podcast right now with Eckhart Tolle and Oprah’s discussion of his book A New Earth. It has been very helpful when trying to settle into the present moment. It has some great advice for the me stressing on vacation… or any day for that matter. I hope you are able to relax and enjoy each moment of your summer vacations.

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