Millennials are Cool

As I sip coffee from my succulent covered mug that reads “Kindness Matters” and write in my handmade journal, I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly Millennial. That term has been used so often and the generation dissected in so many ways that I am not sure if that is a cut down or not. I have attended classes like “How to Work with Millennial Clients,” often being one of two from the generation in the room. I’m not sure what is so mystifying about our group, other than its shear size, but I have noticed some patterns I think are worth sharing:

  1. We do love our coffee and succulents, and that’s OK.
  2. We are not as work-centric as our parents or their parents because we have more of a concept of how much our time matters as a limited resource.
  3. We do want to earn good money despite our feelings about work because we love the freedom that money provides, not the money itself.
  4. We are often conflicted about our work-life balance because of #2 and #3.
  5. We value our friendships enormously and therefore often make decisions in groups.
  6. We know the word “love” has lots of levels and meanings, and we don’t shy away from using it.
  7. Yes, we can do just about anything from our phones.

We have been analyzed and prophesied for the last 10 years or so now, and while there is lots of data out there, there seems to be little understanding. As we age into the new decision makers, the CEOs, the parents, etc., it is helpful if we know who we are. Being a Millennial is awesome. It is a group of people who “get it” when you go on vacation from work. It’s cool to follow a dog on Instagram because it’s hilarious. It’s also a generation ripe for a cultural shift in awareness because they know being Happy is the actual goal. And your happiness can look like whatever you want.

Now, we do need help in determining what we want pretty regularly, but that’s OK too! We have our therapists, coaches, energy healers, pastors, books, blogs, podcasts and mentors to guide us all the time. So here’s to being a Millennial and excited about the future!

1 thought on “Millennials are Cool

  1. That was a fun and reassuring read. Thanks Mere

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