Renovation Wrap Up

Our before and after kitchen renovation photos and my aunt is awesome:

With our trip hovering just around the corner (we plan to leave Oct. 15), we have been trying to wrap up projects around the house and with our clients. Tim is finishing up some contracts in Greeley, and I am completing some website content and blog posts for clients.

My aunt has graciously decided to help us while we are traveling by staying at our house and taking care of our dog Daphne while we are gone. This means the looming projects like the kitchen island needed to finally be completed, so she didn’t have to work around them like we have been. Plus, it’s nice to come home to a mostly finished home renovation.

A quick run through on the kitchen island: We had a very in-the-way pantry column in the center of the kitchen. We cut it in half with plans to make an island early on in the renovation, but lost steam before we completed it. We have been living with a cut-in-half-pantry for 6+ months, until recently when we fully completed the entire island.

in the way pantry
Way before: In-the-way pantry when bought the property.
Kitchen Island before
Way Before: The center column pantry right in the middle of the kitchen.
island before
Island before: with the drawer insert and Daphne dog
Island Before
The walls we used to make the island
Kitchen Island After
The completed kitchen island

Here are a few full kitchen before and after shots.

Kitchen Cabinets before
Kitchen before renovation
Kitchen after renovation
Kitchen after renovation
Kitchen before renovation
Kitchen before renovation
Kitchen after renovations
Kitchen after renovations
Kitchen after renovation
Our Kitchen with complete renovation. Notice we added some window trim and shelving.


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